Step by step from your reservation to your pictures

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Daylightphotographer is a booking portal working with the best photographers in Europe and worldwide. We only work with photographers who can meet our high expectations and our proud to say that 99 per cent of our customers are happy with our services. In addition, our network of photographers offers you special deals on professional photoshoots.

How much does a photoshoot cost?

A 1.5 hours photoshoot costs 399 euros and not one cent more. A 129 euros deposit is to be made when you book your photoshoot, the remaining 270 euros are to be paid after the photoshoot. You can find more information on our prices here.

Booking a photoshoot

Getting the right date is the first and most important step in booking your photoshoot. Usually there’s only one photoshoot per day, and if it’s gone it’s gone for good. You need to make a deposit of 129 euros via PayPal or by bank transfer for your reservation to be registered.

PLEASE NOTE: Your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours. If the photoshoot is cancelled, you will receive your deposit back.


Confirming your booking and getting to know your photographer

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive more information on the location of the photoshoot. Usually you will meet somewhere close to where the photoshoot is taking place. Your photographer will contact you via e-mail or via phone to answer any additional questions you might have.

Time and place of your photoshoot

To take advantage of the lighting conditions and empty streets most photoshoots take place early in the morning or late in the evening. Your photographer will arrange to meet you close to the photoshoot location. For photoshoots at the Eiffel Tower the rendezvous point is always the exit of the metro stop Trocadéro.

Finally: your photoshoot

After a brief word with the photographer you can immediately get started. Enjoy your time at the center of the attention for about 1.5 hours: our photographers know exactly how to put you in the limelight. You will be photographed in front of different backgrounds and from different angles for a final product of about 60-100 pictures.

All’s well that ends well

For you, all that remains to be done now is paying the remaining 270 euros. We would prefer for you to pay your photographer in cash at the end of the photoshoot. The photographer will then edit your pictures and you will receive a download link via e-mail within 5 days after the photoshoot.