What to expect from a photoshoot with one of our photographers

On this website we share examples of our photographers' work from the last months in cities such as Paris, London and New York. That way you'll know exactly what to expect from a photoshoot with one of our photographers.

"Taking pictures - making memories"

Sadly, we can't influence the weather, which is why we want to show you pictures that we took on cloudy as well as on sunny days. Even if the day of your photoshoot comes and it's pouring rain: we know how to make the best of it and how to make it shine, no matter the weather.

The appeal of outdoor photoshoots is capturing the moment: each photoshoot is different and unique. Read our blog to see our photographers at work!

"No city is safe from our photographers"

Our photographers work in London, Paris and New York. In the future we will add even more cities to our repertoire - watch this space!

Photoshooting in new york