Wedding photoshoots in London’s summer heat

Geschrieben am 19. May 2016

Most weddings take place in summer or late summer. If you want to spend your honeymoon in on of Europe’s many beautiful cities, you should consider having a photoshoot in London. Wedding pictures in front of Big Ben or the London Eye look great in any wedding album!

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Wedding photography in London: Big Ben – London Eye – Westminster Abbey

This couple decided to have their photoshoot at Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye. These sights are very close together, and there’s no need to use public transport to get from one to the other. That’s a real time saver when doing a wedding photoshoot in London! Our photographer knows the location inside out and knows the best angles for a photoshoot. Our photoshoot usually last about one and a half hours and start early in the morning, when there’s less people in the streets and good natural light.

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The 5 most important rules for your wedding photoshoot

  1. There are lots of people in London, both natives and tourists, so start bright and early.
  2. Wear as much makeup as you like.
  3. Weather in London can be capricious! Choose your outfit accordingly, don’t forget your coat and umbrella.
  4. A good photographer makes you feel at ease.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep before the photoshoot.

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The weather during your wedding photoshoot in London

Even in summer, London weather is pretty unpredictable. We may start our photoshoot in dreary weather, but the sun might dicide to show up later anyway! Be ready for everything.

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A relaxed couple makes for beautiful pictures

Our photographers want to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s pretty much their job, and they’re good at it. Most couples aren’t models, so sometimes it’s hard for them to be at ease in front of the camera. Our photographers will do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable!

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Ready for your wedding photoshoot in London?

You can book our photographers in London any time of the year. There’s more demand in summer and around Christmas time, and it’s better to be safe than story. We recommend booking your photoshoot at least 5 to 10 weeks in advance.

You can book your photoshoot in London here.

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